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Significant Changes to the 2013 California Residential Code offers key insights into the changes and implications of the 2013 California Residential Code. Significant Changes to the 2013 California Residential Code discusses the most important updates and familiarize code users with the application of those changes.

These collaborative publications result from taking the very best from both organizations to create user-friendly resources that will streamline comprehension of the many significant changes to the 2013 California Codes and enable code users to better ensure the safety of the public.

In-depth discussions in the books cover key changes made to structural and nonstructural provisions in a logically organized way that follows the layout of the California Codes, including chapter, section number and title format. Each change analysis features the affected code sections and identifies the change as newly added text, a modification of the existing language or deleted text.

Accompanying each change is a detailed illustration or example to provide further clarification of how to apply the change. The book focuses on provisions that have special significance, are utilized frequently, or have had a change in application from the 2010 Edition of the code. Each change is accompanied by a photograph, real-world application example or an illustration to assist and enhance understanding.

With a summary and discussion of the impact of these changes, this guide is the perfect tool for transitioning from the 2010 California Residential Code to the 2013 Edition!