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"We are here to transition. And that transition is a way of becoming closer to who we are so we can be one with the universe." In the self-described midsummer of his life, Craig Galati picked up a pen and began writing from the heart. It was as though the words flowed through him.

The result is the book you have before you, a series of deeply personal reflections on relationships, leadership, and life as seen through the prism of transition. Like all of us, Craig occupies many roles: Architect. Consultant. Family man. Writer. Concerned citizen. Human being. From these diverse perspectives, he begins to make sense of the transitional nature of life.

Never pretentious, always engaging, Craig explores such far-ranging and universal themes as commitment, intention, selflessness, authenticity and the power of caring with a keen eye and a deft touch. Clearly comfortable in the midst of his own transitions, Craig takes us on a journey that ultimately becomes our own.

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