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This 2011 Edition of the Dr. Watts Pocket Electrical Guide has been completely updated to reflect the updated and revised 2011 National Electrical Code. This 2011 Edition is a valuable, handy reference for electricians and any professionals in the electrical trade.

Consistently rated the #1 Electrical Pocket Guide, the Dr. Watts 2011 Pocket Electrical Guide is loaded with essential information for everyday reference, including updated NEC tables, formulas, illustrations and detailed examples.

The heavy laminated pages and built-in tabs make it sturdy and durable enough to withstand the stresses of any toolbox.  

The 2011 Dr. Watts pocket guide contains pages consisting of:

  • Numerous updated NEC tables
  • Formulas with clear, concise explanations of usage
  • Detailed reference tables and illustrations
  • In-depth examples

Includes needed on-the-job formulas:

  • Basic Electrical Formulas
  • Useful electrical power formulas
  • Common voltages
  • Voltage drop formulas
  • Transformer calculations

This is a guide that's tough enough to live in your tool box and ready to provide on-the-job help exactly when you need it most!

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